Davanti al Mare

[At Sea]

2004, 2006 (International version)

A solo sailing trip turns into an unexpected and life-changing experience, between present and past.

After decades of routine jobs, sixty-year-old Sandro has just retired and decides to fulfill his longtime dream. With his savings, he has finally managed to buy the sailboat on which he sailed for the first time as a teenager – and on which he met his first, unforgettable love.

On a clear morning, he sets to spend a whole day at sea (“Davanti al mare”) in peaceful solitude. But his solo maritime journey will result in a bitter-sweet review of his life, filled with memories and regrets, and will be Sandro’s very last day, perhaps.

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Cast and Crew

  • Based on the novella Controvento by Ino Gazo
  • Screenplay: Emilio Audissino
  • Music by: Emilio Audissino
  • Piano solos: Giovanni Doria Miglietta
  • Vocalist: Lorena De Nardi
  • Editing: Emilio Audissino
  • Camera: Emilio Audissino
  • Produced and directed by Emilio Audissino
  • Running time: 34’ (2004) / 19′ (2006)