Who Is this Person?

Emilio Audissino

Emilio Audissino is an award-winning author, film-maker, screenwriter, and film academic. With two PhDs in Film History and Theory, he has extensively published on Hollywood cinema, film analysis, film style and form, horror, comedy, and film music. An internationally renowned film scholar, Dr. Audissino is a John Williams expert and the author of “John Williams’s Film Music” (2014), the first book in English on the famed composer. He is based at the University of Southampton, UK, and has been teaching film history, analysis, and practice in Italy, the Netherlands, and the UK .

As a film-maker, he worked in production companies in Milan, Italy, and as a freelancer for documentaries and commercials. He wrote and directed the fiction shorts “Davanti al mare” (2004), “La Dolce Eleonora e L’amaro Calice” (2007) and “Yoshiwara Club” (2008), a horror extravaganza set in a disco that was selected for the Short Film Corner of the 61st edition of the Cannes Film Festival, and other festivals such as the “Genova Film Festival” (Genova, Italy), the “TOHORROR Film Festival” (Torino, Italy), the “Joe D’Amato Horror Film Festival” (Lucca, Italy), the “ShockerFest” (Modesto, CA, USA) and the “Spooky Movie Festival” (Washington DC, USA).

Emilio Audissino’s entire career can be characterised by a careful calculation combining academics and practice. The reciprocal influence of these two worlds enriches his subject matter and his publications as well as his scripts for both feature films and television series. His books are never lifeless, and his scripts display a masterful command of, and an astute challenge to, form.

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